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Welcome to the Writers Connect Corner.

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Creating words. That is what writers do. We create words, we write them, we play around with them. You know exactly what we are trying to say, especially if you're a writer. Do you have a note pad or a journal you keep with you? Words can pop up at any time in your mind; while gardening, in the bubble bath, out shopping, and having something on hand is a great way to write those words out. Words can shape our world, and because of that our Writers Connect Corner is where words come together. Stories connect. And women's voices are heard.

The blog section of Writers Collective, will allow for the writers that are apart of this community, to share their stories. Whether it be everyday life, tips and tricks about their style of writing, and their stories of encouragement. We hope that you enjoy and learn something new on this journey with us, and to God be the glory through it all!

With love,

The Team At,

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